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how do you do the second one?

I finished the painting same frame it ended so it was just "times up" but there was a finished painting im angry 

They were some really fun little puzzles! Each was special in their own way. It was great how everything felt custom.

This game was funny, entertaining, and cute. I loved playing through it so much. XD

here's a video of my first playthrough. XD

Cute and fun!

its really nice and relaxing

this some super short but just reminds me of everyday thing that i miss



Very charming! Reminds me of Wario Ware in all the best ways.

Super cute and super fun, reminds me of WarioWare! 

Great job on this! Cute and fun. c:

Wow, The Puzzles Are Cool And Simple, I Loved

You forgot to include the game download!

Thanks for the heads up! Just fixed it :)

Really cool :D


Thanks Zugai! :D


OMG this is so goooooddd!!!

Thanks Crabby!! I really appreciate it :D

I love the concept, it reminds me warioware minigames

Well Done.


I can't get this runing on windows 7 app... :(

Noice! Naice ! Butts & Work !!!

Awesome game. Found out about it while browsing at itch for a friends game and was worth it!

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Love this game-- the art style and concept are all great!

The only thing I wish was that the game didn't reset all the way back to the title screen with every mini-game; or maybe the time limits were a bit longer? I could just be bad at the game though! I also think a slightly longer loop on the music would be awesome; I know someone like me who accidentally reset a bunch would appreciate it. <3

EDIT: After playing all the way thru-- I totally see now WHY it resets to the beginning every time! So scratch my earlier comment!

All in all, super charming and fun and easy to pick up! :D

Thanks very much! I appreciate the feedback :)


2Fuuun. Couldn't finish the tweet.

wanted to second the idea that you really nailed the scope of minigames here


I love art style and the game play
Great job Jamie :)


Thanks so much Sadegh! I'm really glad you liked it :)

I have the same Work and Butts file. Gotta be organized right?


This is great. Art is excellent.

Thanks Leaf! I'm really glad you like it :)


This is really great! You really nailed the scope of microgames, and the art looks good too! The painting was definitely the hardest one and the tweet was kind of confusing, though.


Thanks for the feedback, I'm happy to hear you liked the game!
I can see what you mean about the tweeting puzzle.