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MESH EDIT is a Unity extension that lets you create and texture models from scratch!

MESH EDIT features:

-A set of tools and shortcuts that match Blender's workflow.

-A tileset based texturing system that lets you animate the textures on your mesh.

-A vertex colour editor to give your models that sweet PS1 aesthetic.

-A tileset builder to quickly combine different textures and animations into a single UV texture.


-MESH EDIT can only make quads, no tris or polys. You can still create faces from selected points but only between four vertices.

-This is still an early, under-polished tool, so there a few bugs.
If you find an issue that makes the tool difficult to use,  or if you have a cool idea for a feature, please leave a comment describing it.

-Certain functions of the tool run slowly when your mesh gets too big, e.g. over 1000 faces.

Published 26 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorJamie Rollo
Tags3D, Low-poly, Tilemap based tools, Unity


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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Hi there,  
I recently purchased Mesh Edit and it looks great!  But not only am I running into a script error, but I'm having no luck actually using the extension.  

Would there be any way in the future for a tutorial blog post or youtube video?  Also, this is the error I am facing in Unity.  

Instantiating mesh due to calling MeshFilter.mesh during edit mode. This will leak meshes. Please use MeshFilter.sharedMesh instead.
MeshEdit:createTrianglesFromWorldMesh(Boolean) (at Assets/Scripts/MeshEdit.cs:1425)
_EditorMeshTools:createCustomMesh() (at Assets/Editor/_EditorMeshTools.cs:105)


This looks great and can't wait to get the hang of it! lol


I have a few questions. Can I assign multiple materials to the levels? And does lighting effect the levels also? 

Also I cant find a working link to the Documentations


Hi Renoki, thanks for buying the tool!
You can't assign different materials to the one mesh, I'll take a look and see how difficult it'd be to implement.

Lighting will affect the meshes you make if you assign a material/shader that accepts lighting. By default, the shader used it unlit so you would have to switch it with a lit shader.

There's no formal documentation yet, but a short guide can be found in the zipped folder you downloaded.

Hope that helps!

I'm really confused about how to use MeshEdit mode. Can you provide more information?

Thanks for buying the tool!
When you enter the Mesh Edit mode, you can select vertices with the right mouse button and transform them using the keyboard shortcuts G (to translate), R (to rotate) and S (to scale). You can also extrude selected faces into new geometry with E.
Switching from vert select to face select mode will make it easier to select faces you want to extrude.

Hope that helps, the full shortcut guide comes with the package, it has more shortcuts listed as well.


by any chance do you have an eta on the update? im really excited :) 

Not for a while I'm sorry! I'm juggling other projects currently and it'll take a bit of time to add the new features to Mesh Edit.

I'm hoping I'll have time to update it over the next month.


The tool looks really promising, and I'd love to see it develop into an alternative to working with Sprytile. 

Some thoughts I had as I used it : 
* Mention in the docs that you need to be in SceneView to start working
* Mention in the docs that after creating the Custom Mesh or adding the MeshEdit script, you need to add a MeshFilter/MeshRenderer on the same game object.
* Mention in the docs that you need to add a material to the MeshRenderer to start tile painting
* Mention in the docs that to paint with multiple tilesets that you can load them as subsequent textures in the Window>Tilesets

* Face selection in the Tile Edit mode doesn't have the dots like MeshEdit mode has, so it's really difficult to tell which face is selected for painting.
* I'd really love if the Tile Edit mode had a dotted outline around the face you are painting, or if as the mouse moved it put an outline around the face that will get painted.

* The vertex paint mode is a bit too slow to be usable at the moment.

Overall though, this is a really neat tool, and I appreciate the hard work you put into it!

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you're enjoying the tool, if I have the time I'll try to clear up the issues in the next version :)

Hi I just bought this! Looks really awesome and I was excited to use it, but. 

I can't find out how to do anything. I read the guide. But I don't see Mesh Edit, under GameObject Menu.
Nor do I see Windows>Tilesets. 

I imported the package. Am I missing something? 

Thanks for buying the tool! Sorry you're having trouble with it. Can you make sure that there are no errors are being thrown in the console and that you're using a recent version of Unity? (I'm using 2018.2.1f1)

If neither of those work, try importing the package into a new Unity project and let me know if you're still having issues.

I believe I have everything working except for tiles with transparency 

(1 edit)

whoops never mind, rendering mode was on opaque and not cutout

Amazing tool! Thank you :)

Any plans to submit it to the Unity Asset Store?


Thanks Coyowl!

I thought I'd update it a bit more before uploading it to the Unity Asset Store. When everything's working correctly I'd be happy to :)


dose work on roblox?

Im not going too hard with 3d unity yet, but this is totally on the list when i do! it looks great!

(3 edits) (+1)

Seems a fun tool, but the loop cut tool never goes where im clicking :( 
And it could do with a grid snap feature to make it easier to get things to line up :) 

Also being able to use wasd to move around while in edit mode would be lovely :) 

If you hold E down and drag a bit, it extrudes a bunch of times too, it would be great if it would only extrude once per press :) 


Hi Jofers, thanks for the feedback!

I'll fix what I can for the next update :)

Thanks, i'm looking forward to it, really liking the tool :D 


ive never bought assets off itchio before, how do i get notified when theres an update outside of just checking the page everyday? :) 

I'll post an update to followers on Itch when a new version is up, but you'll still have to download and re-install the package.

Thanks, im looking forward to it :) 

Is it like ProBuilder ?


Mesh Edit is more similar to Blender but it runs in Unity like ProBuilder does.

The advantages are that it has a unique set of texturing tools, it lets you animate parts of your textures and the shortcuts are similar to Blender's, so it doesn't take much effort to switch between the two tools.


This looks amazing




This looks like a fanatic tool and I look forward to trying it out.


Thanks very much! I'm glad you like it.